Crayon voted Competitive Intelligence Leader in PMA Pulse

published on 09 November 2021

Crayon won the coveted position of Competitive Intelligence Tool Leader in the inaugural edition of PMA Pulse.

PMA Pulse is the definitive, annual say on which tools product marketers cannot live without. It’s the ultimate seal of approval for vendors who are supporting PMMs with their solutions, as well as an unambiguous thumbs up for product marketers in search of a new product.

The undisputed champion of competitive intel tools, Crayon tracks more than 100 data types across 300m+ sources combined with internal intel gathering capabilities to give you an unbelievably robust view of your competitive landscape. Crayon also enables you to package and deliver insights to stakeholders through battlecards, dashboards, reports, newsletters, alerts, and more. Best of all, Crayon plays nice with others—boasting integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Seismic, and many more tools essential to the tech stack.

Here's what Sam Rinaldo, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, HubSpot had to say about it:

"We have a small competitive intelligence team that services several thousand end-users throughout the company, and Crayon allows me to quickly curate the insights scraped from the web alongside intelligence sourced within the company. Crayon's recommendations and automatic prioritization of insights saves me a ton of time in putting together my own CI assets including weekly CI newsletters, sales battlecards, etc. Gathering and managing internal intel is also super easy—I can simply send an email to my portal and Crayon automatically creates an insight."

Klue was voted ‘Trailblazer’ and placed second, Kompyte was voted ‘Challenger’ and Cipher Knowledge360® was voted ‘Highflyer’, both placed third and fourth respectively. Wide Narrow was given an honorable mention as a PMM recommended tool.

Richard King, Founder of PMA, commented:

“It was clear from the number of nominations that Crayon was set to be the undisputed champion of competitive intel tools, and thanks to its easy integration and internal intel gathering capabilities, we were proved right! Congratulations from all of us here at PMA!”

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