Introducing The Alliance: the home of community-led professional development

published on 16 November 2021

The Alliance - a professional development platform for high-growth organizations - has today officially launched itself into the learning and development space.

Trusted by companies in the top 50 of Fortune 500’s list, like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and Facebook, The Alliance is reinventing and reinvigorating the education space for individuals and organizations worldwide.

Home to thriving brands such as Product Marketing Alliance, Sales Enablement Collective, Product-Led Alliance, AI Accelerator Institute, Customer Success Collective, Future of SaaS, CMO Alliance, and B2B Marketing Alliance, The Alliance’s portfolio is collectively raising the bar for people to continue their professional development.

Through accredited certifications, membership plans, fellowship programs, virtual events, hybrid conferences, and industry-defining reports, one community at a time, it’s providing the opportunities individuals, teams, and organizations require to produce formidable results.

Collectively, the portfolio’s home to 70,000+ community members, 10,000+ paid members, 4,000+ course alumni, 100,000+ event attendees, and 45,000+ report owners. And that’s in just 24 months. 

The future is bright and exciting, and the future is in continuous, gold-standard education offerings.

Richard King, Founder & CEO of The Alliance, said: “The Alliance has been in the works for some time now, and I’m so pleased to finally share it with the world. 

“Each and every one of our brands is excelling in their field and making a real, tangible difference to the development of professionals all over the world. The Alliance threads all these communities and components together into one really powerful package.

“I’m blown away by what we’ve managed to achieve in little over two years, and I can’t wait to execute on the next 12 months’ worth of plans and see where we can take the education space.”


The Alliance is the world’s most forward-thinking professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals worldwide. Through market-leading accredited courses, unrivaled membership plans, industry-shaping reports, thriving communities, and first-class events, we’re redefining the way companies access education and scale. 


Richard King 

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