The Alliance closes skills gaps and empowers employees with transformative L&D opportunities

published on 24 August 2022

The Alliance is the #1 education platform for upskilling companies in the top 50 of Fortune 500’s list (including Amazon, Spotify, Salesforce, and more). And our commitment to redefining educational excellence starts and ends with upskilling and empowering individuals and organizations worldwide.

1 in 2 companies are facing a glaring skills gap, and half of them are addressing it by training existing employees. 

Upskilling employees and making their learning and development a top priority shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘nice to have' perk for employees. Strategic L&D allows people to stay up to date in their field and build the necessary skills to achieve their most ambitious career goals.

With more than half of the modern-day workforce saying they need further training to perform better in their current roles, it’s no secret that L&D is vital for employee satisfaction. 94% of employees say they’d stay at a company longer if there’s an investment in their L&D.

And, with employee turnover reaching a 22-year record high, providing sufficient L&D is more important than ever, particularly with younger workers. Over 27% of Millennials and Gen Z say a lack of opportunity to learn and grow is the number one reason they’d leave their job.

Not only that but retaining existing employees saves money. 79% of L&D pros agree that it’s less expensive to reskill a current employee than to hire a new one.

L&D plays a crucial role in the recruitment process and investing in L&D is a powerful way to help attract top talent. Employees who feel cared about at work are 3.7x more likely to recommend working for their company and 59% of employees joined companies for better career paths or more opportunity. 

It’s not just employees that benefit from sufficient L&D opportunities either. Implementing a strategic and cross-functional L&D strategy comes with a wave of benefits for the business including increased productivity rates, talent retention and attraction, increased employee engagement, and improved employee performance. 

L&D fosters more motivated, valued, and skilled employees, which results in better output and better business results. If you’re committed to your team’s professional development and show that you’re invested in their future, they’re much more likely to stay committed to you, too. 

So, what does the future hold for L&D within organizations?

99% of L&D professionals agree that if skill gaps aren’t closed, their organization will be negatively impacted in the upcoming years. 

It’s clear that L&D creates a ripple of benefits across an organization and is becoming a top priority for companies worldwide. And, nobody understands the true value and importance of L&D better than The Alliance. Empowering individuals and organizations to become lifelong, continuous learners is at the forefront of everything we do. 

This year, we’ve increased our focus on enterprise L&D for teams and welcomed some well-known names on board including TikTok, Cision, GoDaddy, Hootsuite, Indeed, Monzo, Sage, Salesforce, Samsung, Virgin, and Visa.

But our plans for L&D domination don’t stop there. 

We’re committed to providing excellent L&D opportunities and will be rolling out all-encompassing L&D opportunities including new courses and membership plans across all 14 communities in the coming months.

“It’s no secret or surprise how crucial L&D is to both individuals and organizations, and The Alliance exists to ensure everyone has access to top notch learning materials - wherever they are in their career.

“We’ve made great inroads on this mission within Product Marketing Alliance over the last few years and now we’re rolling out our tried and tested L&D formula across each of the 14 communities within our umbrella. 

“We’ve got a very big few months ahead of us and we can’t wait to offer more opportunities, to more professionals.”

Richard King, Founder & CEO of Product Marketing Alliance

Richard King


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