The Alliance unveils a new community while breathing a new lease of life into another

published on 04 August 2022

The Alliance upholds its competitive edge in the L&D landscape with the launch of a brand-new community - and the complete rebranding of another.

Following a very busy and exciting first half of 2022 with the launch of three new communities (Go-to-Market Academy, Finance Alliance, and Customer Marketing Alliance), The Alliance continues to scale with the release of its latest community, Competitive Intelligence Alliance.

The competitive intelligence space is evolving. CI is becoming a role of its own, and those responsible for CI must cascade that intel to and throughout the organization.

As the central source of intelligence for CI, Competitive Intelligence Alliance assists those responsible for CI with the necessary insights, resources, and foresight needed to thrive in their role. It’s the ultimate hub for anyone who wants to accelerate their career and contribute to an organization’s competitive advantage.

The Alliance has also breathed new life into one of its existing communities and unveiled the complete rebranding of B2B Marketing Alliance to Revenue Marketing Alliance.

So, why the rebrand?

In today’s world, marketing and sales must support the customer in a holistic, contextual, and helpful way. Revenue marketing roles and practices advocate for this. 

However, there’s a genuine lack of specific resources for revenue marketing. And, with over 471,000 people with the term ‘revenue marketing’ in their job title on LinkedIn, there’s a clear gap in L&D for roles focused on revenue marketing and everything it entails. 

We wanted to change that.

Revenue Marketing Alliance exists to unite, inform, and shape the revenue marketing space by equipping those in revenue marketing roles with the people, information, and platform to succeed in their role. 

Revenue Marketing Alliance is the first brand dedicated to elevating and uniting the revenue marketing role, and ensuring that we (and our community members) are always one step ahead of the curve.

“Competitive intelligence is something we’ve spoken about a lot across all The Alliance brands, but we’re really excited to finally give those involved with competitive intelligence the standalone resource it needs - and deserves.

“Revenue Marketing Alliance is another one we’re really pumped for. We all know how crucial sales and marketing are to any organization’s success, and this community’s there to shine a spotlight on that and ensure companies all over the world are nurturing next-generation marketers with a laser-focus on revenue.

“This year’s been a crazy for one growth in terms of headcount, products, and communities, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Richard King, Founder & CEO of The Alliance. 


Richard King 

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